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3 Go-To Exercises for Cyclists

Go-to exercises to prevent overuse injuries with your cyclists

A combination of strength, mobility, and flexibility are essential to keep a cyclist healthy.

Proper hamstring flexibility and hip mobility allow your clients to maintain the proper hip-torso angle when on the bike.

Core and low back strength will increase pedaling power output while upper back and tricep strength will give the cyclist the endurance needed to support themselves on the handlebars during long rides.

Here are 3 easy, go-to stretches and exercises for Cyclists:

You can find the entire bicycling template in your WebExercises Library.

#1: Seated Hamstring Stretch

Begin by sitting upright and at edge of chair. Maintain good posture, positioning self on sit bones (ischial tuberosities). Spine is in neutral position with a flat lower back.

Fully extend leg so that heel is contacting floor with toes pointing upward. While maintaining a flat back position, lean forward until a gentle stretch is felt behind thigh. Hold for 20-30 seconds or for recommended duration. Repeat for prescribed repetitions and sets. Alternate sides.

#2 Seated Figure 4 Stretch

Begin sitting with a straight neutral spine. Cross one leg over other, placing ankle on opposite thigh above knee.

Slowly lower chest down toward knees trying to keep a flat low back. A stretch in hip of crossed leg should be felt. Hold for 20–30 seconds and repeat for prescribed repetitions. Alternate sides as directed.

#3: Superman 

Begin lying on floor face down with arms extended above head. A pillow may be placed under your forehead for support.

Activate core muscles. Lift arms upward off floor while legs simultaneously lift off floor. Slowly return to start position and repeat for prescribed repetitions and sets.

Login to your WebExercises account to get the full Cyclist template located under the Rx protocol tab. Under the WebExercises Template Protocols, look for ‘Bicycling Injury Prevention‘.

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