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In MetLife’s 19th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study 2021, almost all employees surveyed (94 percent) want their employers to offer benefits that have a meaningful impact on their everyday quality of life. Embracing this new landscape will be complicated and ever-evolving, but businesses of all sizes can start to strengthen their employees’ health and wellbeing by including these 4 strategies.

Each of us is unique in our health and wellbeing journey. We have different experiences, needs, and preferences. We live and work in different environments. If a benefit doesn’t feel personalized, relevant, or flexible, we reject it. 93 percent of employees say the ability to customize their benefits is a “must-have” or “nice-to-have” option. In addition, 72 percent of employees say having benefits customized to meet their needs would increase their loyalty to the company.

Fortunately, the rise of digital solutions makes scaling personalized offerings a feasible option. App-based technologies make it easier than ever to bring service into the hands of your employees no matter when they want to use it, wherever they may be.

For several decades, corporate wellness benefits centered around physical fitness — ie: stretch breaks, on-site fitness centers, and group walking challenges. While focusing on physical fitness was fast, easy, and affordable, it neglected nearly 97% of our week since the average employee only spends about 2 hours a week exercising. Employers can tip the scales in favor of whole-being health by expanding offerings to include services meant to address other dimensions of wellness: financial, spiritual, emotional. Including programs that help employees manage stress, prepare for retirement, practice mindfulness, eat a balanced diet, optimize sleep, and more can help employees establish lasting positive behavior change.

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