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Announcing the Launch of Our New Website — Human Performance Blog · Volt Athletics

Why did we decide to redesign our website?

It was important for us to make our website faster, more informative, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. As a leading health-tech company, it’s imperative for us to make information regarding our thought leadership, services, and content more easily available for our current and prospective users.

At Volt, we are dedicated to enabling everyone to reach their health, fitness, and performance goals. We wanted to take that knowledge and showcase it in a way that highlights our best-in-class training experience, cutting-edge technology, and in-house expertise.

Our goal for the new website was to provide our users with an easy way to learn about Volt’s services and surface our educational content in an intuitive way. From our newly designed About Page, brand new Resources Page, and educational Groups Pages, users can find a ton of information on our products and content such as webinars, case studies, and videos.

The newly designed Volt homepage provides an information hub for all of our users. This page has been completely reimagined, thanks to our design and development partner, MUTO. Here, our users will find a base of operations to connect them with our products, services, and content. The new homepage is bold, dynamic, and architectural.

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